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Can You Feel It?

The spark of vengeance at last ignites, waking the sleepless skies

N'er to oblivion we slowly come, blood and fire on wicked eyes

Woe to men, the time draws near, whispers raging on

And from the night the sound of wings, an omen of waking dawn...

What is Awakening?


'Awakening' is an up-and-coming fantasy novel currently well underway. It is slated to be the first in a series of books currently known as 'Through Blood & Fire'. Set in a familiar, yet unique, fantasy setting, this novel will follow the story of several key characters as they embark on their own journeys - one side out for revenge, the other seeking to find their place in the world.


For thousands of years, man and dragon have been at war; until, nearly one hundred years ago, the humans struck a decisive blow with the combined might of the mages and a group of knights empowered by the blood of dragons, known to the world as Dragonbloods. No dragon has been seen in human lands since.

Nalaen, heir to the dragon throne, was witness to her mother's death – the pinnacle moment that turned the tide of war all those years ago. Now, she and her brother and sister have come back for vengeance, seeking to discover the ones responsible.

Meanwhile, Mara and Kai Grayscale, who have been under the care of their uncle, a high-ranking member of the Dragonblood order, are finally at the age to undergo the trials, hoping to follow in their deceased parents’ footsteps as the last line of defense against the dragon menace.

Fate will soon pit family against family, but as things begin to escalate, an unlikely turn of events will begin to cause ripples in the very fabric of the world in ways that none of them can fully comprehend.

Will vengeance be served, or will something deeper awaken as our story unfolds?

This is just the beginning...

"Echoes of something stirring in the East, far across the Thousand Peaks
a chilling wind runs down the Spine, biting roots and seeds beneath"
- an excerpt from one of the Lost Tomes

Experience the beginning of an all-new fictional saga in the world known as  Velasia [Vel-ay-zhi-uh] - a mystical place full of both familiar and unfamiliar fantasy elements.


In the heart of the Velasian Empire lies the Vale. And on the westernmost edge of the Vale sits Eastend, a village bordering a massive mountain range named the Thousand Peaks. Here, a group of warriors known as the "Order of Scales" stands as the first and last line of defense against an ancient and powerful foe.


And it is in this part of the world where our story begins...

western velasia fantasy book map
awakening concept fantasy art
awakening concept fantasy art
awakening concept fantasy art female

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