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The Tomes of An'urak

Not all the Lost Tomes of An'urak have been found, but based on the few that have, it's believed there are twelve of them. Though only a few of these tomes have been discovered, countless hours have been spent devoted to their translation, with many scholars working together to decipher their ultimate purpose and meaning.


Though the language of the ancients is somewhat understood, much of it still remains a mystery. As such, only some portions of these tomes have thus far been translated.

Below are those translations...

Book Two, Page 7

Long before the eyes of men, were cast upon the lands
Long before the greed of kings, swept war across the sands
Back further still, the Ancients young, when the old ways were still new
The peace between the races, was sewn with seeds of truth
The lands beyond the lands, past planes that were unseen
The ancient magics flowed within, binding all that lay between
We were the magic's keepers, protectors of the way
And in the void between the stars, the Architects were made
The hands of time to do our will, their many minds as one
So when the world was broken, we would not see it undone

                 - translated by Forin Halstrom, scholar of Valewind University

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Book Nine, Page 24

One thousand years the sleeper sleeps, resting in the tomb,

Passing what must come to pass before birthing from the womb.

Three queens must sit upon the seat, far beyond the lands of men,

While eyes of burning fury carry wings to meet their end.

When that which has been held, since before the world was made,

To only flow through slitted eyes, in wrath has come unmade.

The hands of men will toil so, new power in their veins,

The ires of the ancients shall no longer be contained.

The old ways long forgotten, a new age on the verge,

And as the world awakens, a new balance will emerge.

The blood of old will wash the earth, the blood of new the skies,

Until the hour comes at last when open are the eyes.

For once the sleeper wakes, to greet the rising sun,

The hour of Awakening, will have only just begun…

                 - translated by Larellen Granger, scholar of Valewind University

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